Surface plasmon substrates are being used to improve S/N ratio in Surface Enhanced Raman (SERS). Many of
these surfaces require micropatterning and represent and interesting new application for micro and
nanopatterning.  Mesophotonics reported on the use of pyramidal micropatterned surfaces for improved S/N ratio
(Netti 2006). Specific applications using SERS  for chemical probe arrays were described by a team from
Imperial College (Cohen 2006) ,   Plasmon enchanced microarray substrates have been made by  U. Maryland
(Szmacinski 2006) , Dedicated nanosensors using surface plasmon were described by a team from U
Rochester (Fauchet 2006),  SUNY (Cartwright 2006) and   Tech U Denmark ( Balslev 2006).

UV imprinting  of waveguides on active silic germania sputtered thin film described  by ( Sebastiani 2006).
Thick hybrid silica zirconia sol gel film were imprinted  for single step fabrication  of channel waveguides (He
2006) from  Nangyang Tech Univ. Wavelength demultiplexer, waveguides, waveguides with integrated mirror  and
switches all fabricated by embossing were described in 3 papers by the E. Lee group at Inha U., in  Korea.

Sessions on optical interconnect, board level and on chip optics – need an emmiter on Si.

Hyperboloid solgel microlens array were fabricated solgel by soft lithography.
A comprehensive review of fluidic optics was provided in an invited paper by G.Whitesides.
Scott (2006) from Reflexite described imprint of prisms and lenses on flexible film.

Photonic crystals
Many papers described methods of fabricating 3D photonic crystals. A popular structure is  two layers of regular
3D arrays  separated by guiding layer, giving a 3 D device in 3 imprint steps. 3D photonic crystals were formed by
two  polymer microtransfer imprints by a team from Iowa State U (Lee 2006). Multiphoton polymerization was
used to create  self assembled 3D photonic crystals by  Urbana Champaign (Chin 2006). A polymer photonic
integrated circuit was fabricated by  UC Santa Cruz (Rabus 2006)

Subwavelength ripple formation on dielectric and metals was described by  RWTH Aachen (Gottman 2006).
Advanced interference lithography was used for patterning nano-optics by  MIT (Schattenberg 2006)

Light Emitting Devices
An optimized PC GaN LED with tailored guided modes using an Archemedian lattices was disclosed by a team  
from Cree,  UCSB and Ecole Francais (Wesibuch 2006)
High output  LED's for visible and infra red emission were described  OSRAM (Illeck 2006)
A highly efficient InGan vertical LED on metal alloy was described by  Semileds. (Tran 2006)

The fabrication of dual grating reflectors for high power laser diodes was described by a team from U Central
Florida (O'Daniel 2006)
Tunable microcavities were made using planar photonic crystals by U.Neuchatel (Marki 2006).

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