LITERATURE - provides peer reviewed academic analysis and reports on new ideas

CONFERENCES - provides an update on the latest developments from both academics and the commercial
community. The major annual conferences are:

  • International Conference on Nanoimprint and Nanoprint Technology (NNT) - the only imprint only
    conference held in the Fall at world wide locations.

  • International Conference on Micro- and Nano-Engineering (MNE) - the  European lithography conference
    held in September.

  • Electron, Ion, Photon Beam and Nanoimprint (EIPBN) also known as "3 beams" - the  academically
    oriented lithography conference held in the US in May.

  • International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference (MNC) - the  Japanese lithography
    conference held in October.

  • SPIE MIcrolithography Confernce - the more commercially oriented lithography conference held in San
    Jose in March.

Reports on the following conferences are available:

Nanoimprint and Nanotechnology Technology 2005, Sept in Nara Japan
Photonics West 2006 , Jan in San Jose
SPIE Microlithography 2006, Feb in San Jose
Strategies in Light 2006 , Feb in San Francisco

There are a number of commercial and government funded consortium to accelerate imprint and nanotechnology;
Nilcom - a precompetitive international consortium lead by EV group

NaPa - a EU funded imprint group

National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNIN) - A US government nanotechnology program.

The patent literature covers both issued patents and patents "laid open" but not issued. The laid open patents
have not completed the critique from the patent office. Patents provide some hints as to concepts that the
inventors regard as significant, not necessarily concepts that are commercialized. Patents can be searched at
the UPTO web site

Most standards in the semiconductor industry are developed  through the SEMI organization at

The International Technology Road Map for Semiconductors is the best known road map. It is developed by an
international team of experts who develop a consensus across customers and vendors for the integrated circuit
industry. It is published at

Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) produce a storage road map at

There are many specialist resources, here are some links to friends and colleagues who can help;

Chris Mack - long time optical modelling expert -

Alex Glew - deposition systems and gas delivery, both consulting and expert witness -

There are numerous  vendors, here are some useful links;

Brewer Science -
EV group  -
Lieca -
Microresist -
Molecular Imprints Inc
Nanonex -
Nu-flare -
Obducat -
Suss Microtech AG -
S cubed -
Toppan -

For more source information on each item go to References, or to the abstract book for the conference.

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