I am  a specialist in patterning technology, equipment and materials. The  examples of consulting  projects below
illustrate the range of  this expertise.  

•        Netcrystal –  manufacturing of roll to roll  and injection molded optics for solar cells

•        Agoura Technology – manufacturing of  roll to roll imprint masters for polarizers

•        University of Wisconsin – strategy for IP value extraction in imprint masters

•        Nanoeprint – manufacturing for flexible electronics

•        Northrupp –  prototyping integrated optics

•        OAI – market evaluation of integrated microfluidic devices

•        NIL Technology – market evaluation for imprint masters

•        Rogers – market evaluation of low k dielectrics in packaging

•        Cymer - project management  for excimer laser systems.

•        Nline  - technology assessment for a wafer inspection company.

•        Global Factory - market assessment for  an Internet  manufacturing control system  company.

•        Key Assets - market assessment for a used semiconductor equipment web site.

•        Internet Controls - project management for  a company developing “smart” Internet server technology
•        Molecular Imprints - technology assessment and project management for  an advanced lithography company.

•        Brooks – market assessment for robotics in solar manufacturing.

•        Replisaurus -  development of  manufacturing  inspection  capability

•        Mapper – technology assessment for a multi beam e-beam machine
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