Intellectual Property Development and Protection
I have a total  of 30 + patents and have participated in over 25  cases as designated
experts, in depositions and as a testifying witness. I can run prior art searches, analysis of
claims, and assist in patent prosecution.

I have over 30 years of experience in patterning technology, equipment and materials. I
am a materials scientist by academic training. Over the years I have founded 3 companies,
managed 100+ man engineering teams, and helped numerous small and start up
companies.  Specific areas of expertise include;
§         Applied Statistical Analysis of Semiconductor Equipment
§         Flat Panel Display and Wafer Inspection
§         Optical Multi-Layer Resist Technology
§         Photolithography
§         Photoresist Technology
§         Imprint Technology
§         Semiconductor Equipment
§         Semiconductor Microlithography
§         Semiconductor Robotic Equipment System Design
§         Semiconductor Wafer Inspection

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