Impattern Solutions is an independent consulting company with a mission to help you identify where
and how imprint can be a cost effective solution to your needs. There are multiple imprint vendors, and
hundreds of publications describing processes and applications.

Our services include:

The goal of this web site is to help you start to navigate through all the latest options. You can learn
about imprint, designing a process, patterning, making molds, all the choices are shown in the
Map. The page on Resources show some of the sources.  Our focus is on commercial solutions that
can be used in commercial applications.

The detailed discussions on Tools, Molds and Materials are only available to subscribers.

The key to designing an effective solution is to understand the objective. We will analyze the device you
are trying to build, and identify the most cost effective solution. This analysis will consider all the
process steps, not just the imprint step.

As an generic example, please review the pages on
Process Design.

The deliverable will be a project proposal that will balance cost, schedule, technical risk and final
production cost based on your guidelines. All  lithography solutions will be considered, not just imprint.

Once we have identified the solution, Impattern Solutions will help you demonstrate that solution with
as much support as you need.

We will help identify vendors and foundry services, design experiments, target the process using set
up runs, and review process data as the project evolves. The goal is "cradle to grave" project

Extended capabilities
There are many specialist resources, here are some links to friends and colleagues who can help;

Chris Mack - long time optical modelling expert -

Alex Glew - deposition systems and gas delivery, both consulting and expert witness -

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We will take projects large and small, that require careful balancing of all the issues..............

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